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7 or 10 Day Options
Harare, Bulawayo or Victoria Falls
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 4
Hippo Hunts

Experience Dangerous Hippo Hunts

Hippo hunting makes for a difficult addition to any hunting package.

You can certainly add the hippopotamus to the dangerous game section of African wildlife.

The hippo has a reputation that is justified. They can be extremely aggressive when disturbed and are responsible for more human deaths in African than all of the other members of the Big Five. That is quite a statistic.

The hippopotamus is found in areas which are close to rivers, lakes, dams and watering holes. The main reason is that their skin is very sensitive to the sun. This means he is in the water most of the day, venturing out at night and late afternoons to graze.

The hippo usually come into contact with humans on his way to or from his grazing ground – this is usually when a fatality occurs when his path is blocked and he feels threatened. The other is when a boat or canoe comes too close the group – these groups are called a pod, herd, dale, or bloat. 

Hippopotamuses can live in groups of up to thirty animals. But when water is scarce in times of drought, pods can get bigger as water size decreases and they have to live closer together.

Hunting Hippos

There are two methods to hunt hippo.

  1. In the water
  2. On land

Both methods are difficult, although hunting a hippo on land is the more dangerous option.

Generally, the bull is the trophy animal. Identifying the male of the species in the water can be a task, they are identifiable by: 

  • Slightly larger heads than that of the cow
  • Two humps on either side of his nose where his lower tusks go into his upper jaw.

When hunting hippo, accuracy is the name of the game. This is not an animal you want to wound – in or out of the water.

Hunting a Hippo In Water

After shooting a hippo in the water he will sink, but float back to the surface within an hour or so. This is when recovery can be made.

Caution is advised – as where there is a carcass, there are crocodiles.

Hunting Hippos on Land

Hunting hippo on land is a different matter altogether. The excitement caused by a charging or disgruntled hippo is exhilarating – but extreme caution must be exercised.

A disturbed hippo bull will become very aggressive. Be ready for a charge and use large caliber rifles with solid bullets for this job.

So, all in all, hunting a hippo is good sport and well worth the effort for the enormous trophy.

Booking a hippo hunt with Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris will guarantee you an experience you will remember for a long time.

Price Includes

  • All Accommodation For Duration of Hunt
  • Road Transfer To Kariba Camp Return
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • All National Parks Entrance Fees

Price Excludes

  • Observer fee – charged per day per person inclusive of all taxes

Hippo Hunts at Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

This package offers hippo hunting on Lake Kariba. Considered to be part of the dangerous game pack, this animal will certainly test your mettle in or out of the water.

Hunting Hippos

Kariba is the largest man made dam in Africa. The dimensions of this impressive expanse of water are:

  • 226 kilometers long
  • 40 kilometers wide

and lies along the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. When looking out across the lake you cannot see the other side, making it feel like a sea it is such a large expanse of water.

One of the distinctive features of Lake Kariba are the dead trees that stick out of the shallow water. These are remnants of trees that thrived in the area before the waters rose in the newly built dam. The statuesque silhouettes create unusual shapes at sunset and are rarely seen anywhere else.

This fresh water inland sea is a wildlife paradise that spreads over 5 200 sq km in the rich Zambezi River valley.

The lake provides superb photographic opportunities with wildlife and bird sightings plentiful in such a spectacular setting. The backdrop of spectacular orange sunsets, stunning African bushveld, and the huge expanse of blue sky make this a fishing and game viewing destination that is second to none.

Within this setting, there are plenty of hippo hunting opportunities.

Take the opportunity to experience hunting hippos in Africa and add a rather large hippo trophy to your collection.

Hunting Options

Hippo Hunt Details

Book hippo hunts on Lake Kariba.

You can also take advantage of the location to add a crocodile to your list by booking the hippopotamus and crocodile hunt option and take home two massive trophies.

Take a look at the hunt options below:

SpeciesHunt Duration
Hippo or Crocodile7 Days
Hippo Crocodile Combo10 Days