Sikumi and Ngamo Hunting Area
Sable Hunting - Ngamo and Sikumi

Ngamo And Sikumi Hunting Area

The Ngamo and Sikumi hunting area are natural teak forests with plentiful game opportunities.

Here you will find Buffalo, Tuskless Elephant and Sable along with other plains game. As it’s position borders Hwange National Park, the wildlife has free passage from Hwange through these woodlands.

Take the opportunity to walk through these natural forests dominated with teak trees. There is an abundant species of bird, plant and animal life that are supported in this forest land.

Dangerous Game Options

Alternative hunting options for all game is Matetsi Unit One which is the premium hunting area in Zimbabwe with dangerous and plains game in abundance.

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Sikumi And Ngamo Hunt Options

SpeciesHunt Duration
Buffalo10 Days
Tuskless Elephant10 Days
Sable10 Days

Plains Game Available in All Areas

Minimum requirement for plains game hunt – 7 days

Leopard Available in All Areas

Minimum requirement for a leopard hunt – 14 days

Where Is Sikumi and Ngamo Hunting Area?

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