Malindi Station Safari Lodge

Malindi Station Safari Lodge

Gary Hopkins has recently been afforded the opportunity to hunt an area on the border of the Hwange National park known as Malindi Station Safari Lodge (Malindi Railway Farm 37).

It has easy access of approximately a 3-hour drive from Bulawayo on good tar roads. This fact allows us to combine Malindi species with alternative species available in Sondelani.

With only a 4-hour return transfer from one camp to the next via the main trunk road through to Bulawayo – it is an easy excursion.

This hunting area has the distinction of sharing a direct border with Hwange National Park (being the Victoria Falls/Bulawayo railway line of 6kms). This is Zimbabwe’s largest and oldest National Park.

The other 3 boundary lines, the Northern, Eastern and Southern boundaries, border on to the Sikumi Forest. The area is famous for its teak woodlands. Sikumi is also a very well known wildlife area.

As a result this safari area is surrounded on all sides by prime wildlife blocks. This allows for very good opportunities to hunt the following species:

Hunting these species is particularly good here in the drier months – which are the later months of the year. In these drier times of the year, water becomes scarce in the Hwange National Park.

This fact attracts the wildlife into the concession as we constantly pump water into strategically placed water points.

Animals come from both the neighboring Hwange National Park and the surrounding Sikumi Forest to take advantage of the pumped fresh water.

Malindi Hunting Area

It must be noted that although it is not a large area, roughly 7000 acres in extent, there is good movement of most species of game through the area.

This has allowed us to structure hunts at very competitive rates for what we believe to be good hunt opportunities.


Particularly in the drier months when water is scarce in the Hwange National Park, Malindi becomes a major source of attraction for this species.

Bulls in the 30-40 pound range can be expected. Due to its locality to the Hwange National Park, the potential for harvesting a bull over the 50-pound mark is possible.

Tracking of bulls is done in the traditional method of elephant hunting. Additionally, the ambush method is used to increase the success rate due to the small range that this safari area offers.

Every attempt is made to harvest a bull during daylight hours, but night hunting is also permitted.


“Dagga” boys frequent Malindi Railway Farm 37 from the Hwange National Park, particularly in the drier months. This affords you an opportunity at a mature buffalo bull.

Herds also frequent the area.


There are fantastic Sable at both Malindi and the surrounding Sikumi Forest.

The excellent movement in and out of the Hwange National Park also provides an opportunity in harvesting a bull in the high 30” up to low 40” mark.

Note: Lion and leopard are also hunted here. Please be aware there is a strict permitting procedure as quota allocations are very low. As a result, bookings must be made well in advance.

We are also offering combination hunts between Sondelani and Malindi.
(Prices will include a travel day)

Price Includes:

Price Excludes:

Hunts on Offer At Malindi

SpeciesHunt Duration
Bull Elephant14 Days
Buffalo, Elephant14 Days
Buffalo, Leopard, Sable18 Days
Buffalo, Sable12 Days
Buffalo, Leopard15 Days
Buffalo, Plains Game12 Days
Lion21 Days

Trophy Animals

Elephant BullBuffalo Bull
Tuskless ElephantEland Bull
Impala (T)Kudu Bull
LeopardSable Bull
BaboonBush Pig

Malindi Station Safari Lodge Accommodation

Malindi Accommodation

The camp at Malindi Station is extremely unique as it is built from Old Railway Carriages.

These old wood panelled carriages hark back to a past era. The interiors have been well preserved and maintain their original authenticity. 

All the carriage accommodation is under thatch showcasing wood beams and original pillars.

The rooms are comfortable with bathrooms and toilets servicing each “carriage” room.

Double and single beds are available with the rooms overlooking a platform veranda that frames a vista of open grasslands.

The vlei holds water and the wildlife are often seen here coming in to drink in the mornings and evenings.

Meals are included and a plunge pool is perfectly positioned to overlook the natural beauty surrounding the lodgings.

It is serviced by the local power grid as well as a generator in case of power outages.

Where Is Malindi Safari Area?

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