About Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris

Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris

Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris represents Gary Hopkins, an experienced professional hunter with extensive knowledge of the African bush and wildlife, gained over more than 18 years of experience overseeing hunts throughout the continent.

About Gary Hopkins

Gary was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and has nurtured a passion and love for the African Bush his whole life.

Africa’s wide open spaces and it’s inhabitants are an integral part of his life and he takes pleasure in sharing these wild places with his clients.

A Brief Background About Gary Hopkins.

Gary started his career in the Hunting Safari industry, after completing his schooling, with the well known Roger Whittal Safaris which were based in the beautiful Save Valley Conservancy.

During this time, invaluable experience was learned and gained in the day to day running of Dangerous Game Safaris in the remote wilderness areas of the country.

In 2003 Gary began booking and organizing his own safaris with clients hunting in most, if not all, of the Game areas that Zimbabwe has to offer.

As well as hunting in his home country of Zimbabwe, he has extensive hunting experience in other countries which include Zambia, South Africa and particularly Tanzania.

Through these experiences, Gary has gained invaluable knowledge and is easily able to advise, organize and conduct Dangerous Game Safaris, with Plains Game options, throughout Zimbabwe.

Through carefully brokered agreements, his clients will be able to take advantage and have access to some of the finest hunting opportunities that Zimbabwe has to offer.

Gary Hopkins
Why Use Us?

Not all hunting outfitters are equal. There are, obviously, some that are good – just as there are those that are bad.

Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris Offer Only The Best!

From your arrival, right through to your departure, you will be treated to the hunting experience that you deserve.

We can guarantee world-class trophies for the discerning sportsman using ethical fair chase hunting. We believe in the spirit of fair chase in every hunt with conservation efforts showing itself in the abundance of game in our hunting areas.

Get The Best Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris

Due to the quality and diversity of the hunting concessions we operate on, we offer unmatched and extraordinary hunting safaris, creating  unforgettable experiences in Africa’s wilderness.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the best hunting experience on offer – making it sporting from the clients point of view and ethical regarding the animal.

Looking For A Top Notch Hunting Outfit? Then Look No Further – You Are At The Right Place.