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Experience hunting in Zimbabwe in the best areas and take home an outstanding trophy with Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris.

We offer action packed packages in the following hunting areas:

These areas are where Gary Hopkins conducts safaris, and whom we represent.

Gary is one of the long standing Zimbabwe hunting safari operators. His hunts offer an unparalleled, affordable African adventure in the best areas.

Take advantage of the services that a professional hunter with 26 years of experience in the hunting industry of Africa provides. 

He is always ably supported by experienced trackers and backup safari staff. Their combined knowledge will stand you in good stead when out in the bush.

They will help find and track the animal as well as understand the behaviour of an animal. This knowledge will allow them to know what action to take if a confrontation may occur.

Your hunt will take you into virgin bush that hides the wildlife that is famous in these verdant areas.

You will use the secret paths the game trek daily to their watering holes. Additionally, see and hear the abundant bird life. Immerse yourself in the dry grasses, ancient rocks and vast wilderness surrounding you.

Come experience challenging dangerous game and African plains game hunts with the true African bush experience.

Our fully inclusive packages take care of everything.

Hunting Facts About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is considered one of the top safari destinations in Africa due to reasonable pricing, free range hunting opportunities and fantastic game populations in it’s hunting areas.

It is home to all of the Big 5, of which the Big 4 – being buffalo, elephant, leopard and lion – can be hunted here.

If you add hippo and crocodile you can hunt the “Dangerous 6”.

As well, there are unparalleled plains game opportunities, and plenty of bird life.

Zimbabwe Map

Map Of ZimbabweIt is a landlocked country surrounded by 4 southern African countries. South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique.

The northern border with Zambia is defined by the mighty Zambezi River. This river has gained notoriety with the Victoria Falls positioned along its length.

The waterfall has the distinction of being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

This exciting tourist destination offers spectacular views of the waterfall and 354-foot wide chasm from the Zimbabwe side.

An excursion here can easily be added on to your itinerary. Particularly when taking a hunting safari at Matetsi or Malindi game reserves, due to their easy access to the Victoria Falls.

The majority of Zimbabwe’s hunting concessions are positioned in remote rugged areas. This makes it perfect country for wild animals to proliferate, providing unique hunting trips.

Lake Kariba is in the north of the country where crocodile and hippo hunting is an exciting hunt option.

Hunting Zimbabwe

These wildlife-rich areas make it the destination of choice for a Zimbabwe hunting safari. Operators choose to conduct most of their trophy game safaris in these wild expanses of natural bush.

Combined, these make up millions of acres of natural, untamed bush where the animals roam freely. These expanses are generally open, dry savanna grassland and mopane forest.

This makes hunting on foot fairly easy. As a result, most hunts are conducted this way. Large areas can be covered daily while tracking your animal of choice.

African Hunting Safari Options (in Zimbabwe)

We offer a diverse selection of hunt options for you in various areas.

The country has the distinction of having an untouched wilderness. This fact offers exciting dangerous game hunting in a wilderness that is as it was over a century ago.

These open, unobstructed grasslands allow the animals to roam unchecked through the various concessions providing top quality trophy hunting.

The bountiful wildlife includes the top 4 on any hunters trophy animals list to Africa.

Elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard trophies are all available in Zimbabwe.

Combination hunting safaris in Zimbabwe can be streamlined to include your animal wishlist. 

Just enquire and we will get back to you.

Lion Hunts

African LionIf you are looking to hunt lions, these hunts are of the longest duration lasting 21 days.

Lion can be an extremely challenging safari in rugged country.

The lion is at the top of the Big 5 list, together with the buffalo. Both these animals are to be treated with respect and caution. 

He is the largest and heaviest member of the African cats. These proud animals weigh in at between 400 and 500 pounds of pure muscle.

Standing at approximately  4 feet at the shoulder, he reaches up to 10 feet from tip of the noise to end of the tail.

Impressive statistics. Statistics that will make for an impressive trophy.

Elephant Hunts

African ElephantZimbabwe is particularly well-known for its very large herds of elephant. It is thought to have the continents second largest population.

Hunting a bull elephant has a 14 day duration. In this time you will be able to pick and choose the trophy of your choice. You will not need to shoot the first one you see. There will be plenty of opportunities due to the high populations.

An African elephant is the largest trophy you will own. As the world’s largest land mammal he can reach more than eleven feet to the shoulder and weigh over seven tons.

Combination animal trophies can be added to an elephant hunt to suit your wishes. These vary between 18, 15 and 12 days, depending on your animal choices.

Buffalo Trophies

African Cape BuffaloZimbabwe hunts that include “The Black Death” in your itinerary will certainly be a never to be forgotten experience.

Buffalo are found in large herds throughout the country. They are seen continuously browsing and moving through the grasslands during the day. Their pattern will always include a daily stop at a watering hole.

These herbivores seem docile when undisturbed but quickly become agitated and unpredictable if feeling threatened. And if injured they are a force to be reckoned with.

Therefore a good solid shot in the right place is required. 

A wounded Cape buffalo with adrenalin flowing can be a very difficult opponent.

Leopard Hunting

African LeopardLeopard is the most challenging of the top 4 to hunt and requires the most patience.

You will often have a long wait before you will have an opportunity with this wily cat.

Zimbabwe hunters are extremely well trained and are the best professionals to have on a leopard hunt.

The wait will most likely be successful from a blind. If your shot wounds this cat, the chase will be long. His camoflage coat and stealth will make him a difficult adversary, and he will attack you from nowhere. 

Taking a leopard trophy home will be a notch in your belt. And will probably have a good story to go with it.

Hippo And Crocodile Hunts

African HippopotamusYou can’t experience Zimbabwe big game hunting without adding a hippo or crocodile to your wish list.

Hippo hunts and crocodile trophies are a popular addition to any itinerary.

The destination for these game species is along the shores of Lake Kariba. Be warned – you need to be a sure shot with both in order not to lose them in the water.


The prehistoric looking crocodile is at his most vulnerable while dozing on a riverbank. Once he enters the water, he is extremely elusive.

A croc trophy can quite easily reach 15 feet. These long reptiles will make a good talking point in most conversations.


The hippopotamus is well known for his record of human fatalities. So care should be taken at all times around these large beasts.

The best time to hunt a hippo is when he comes out of the water to feed. This is generally late afternoon or after dark.

Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris Packages

Apart from these large and often dangerous options, there is a wide selection of plains game hunting packages to be had on a hunt in Zimbabwe.

The plains game category includes sable, giraffe, eland, zebra, impala and a host of other wildlife.

The options are all listed on the various hunt destinations we offer.

You can hunt Zimbabwe safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

Our hunting safaris offer a high-quality hunt with a qualified professional hunter. Additionally, enjoy comfortable accommodation and unparalleled game areas.

Do not hesitate to enquire with us about affordable African hunts. Ask us about any animal or itinerary you wish.

Take advantage of one of the best African hunting safari outfitters in Zimbabwe.

We will put together a Zimbabwe hunt that you will never forget that are great value for money.

Hunting Camps

The hunting camps all offer an authentic African atmosphere and are all well-equipped providing comfortable lodgings.

All 3 camps are ideally suited for observers and your families to join you and take advantage of the surrounding bush and share the African experience.

The camp accommodations offer swimming pools as well as entertainment areas and spacious verandas from which to enjoy the views.

Our staffs attention to detail, friendly faces and good food will ensure a relaxing and totally enjoyable stay.

Top Trophy Animals Available In Zimbabwe

African Buffalo


These African hunting safaris offer the best Cape buffalo hunting in Southern Africa. Considered to be the most cantankerous of the Big 5, the buffalo is the most popular dangerous game species for hunters.



Elephant can be found in large herds in Zimbabwe. You are virtually guaranteed an elephant trophy in Matetsi Unit One which is the premium hunting zones for all game opportunities in the country.



Sable are the national animal of Zimbabwe and are found in several concessions. The hunting area options on offer are the Matetsi, Sondelani, Malindi and Sikumi and Ngamo wildlife areas.



The most beautiful and wily of all the big cats is the African leopard. Found throughout the country in all the wildlife reserves, this majestic cat requires cunning and stealth on the hunt providing excellent sport hunting.



Hunt the Nile crocodile in the vast expansive waters of Lake Kariba. These reptiles are plentiful and you are sure to take an impressive trophy home with you. A well-placed shot is required. These intelligent animals are wily and quick too.



The African Hippopotamus is dangerous both in and out of the water. This large mammal is one of the most unpredictable of the dangerous game in Africa. Hunt this ungulate in the waters and shores of Lake Kariba.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is trophy hunting legal in Zimbabwe?

    Trophy hunting is legal in Zimbabwe as long as you hunt through a registered safari company who is using an authorized hunting permit issued by Parks and Wildlife. Additionally, use a licensed professional hunter at all times.

    What animals can you hunt in Zimbabwe?

    The species which you can hunt are almost unlimited. Three of the Big 5 are available as trophies - elephant, leopard and buffalo. Other dangerous game trophies include crocodile and hippo. Plains game are abundant with some handsome trophies like eland, sable and kudu making the list.

    Is it legal to hunt elephants in Zimbabwe?

    It is legal to hunt bull elephant and tuskless elephant in Zimbabwe with a legal hunting permit. You must be accompanied by a licensed professional hunter and hunt in a designated hunting area.

    Is Zimbabwe a good hunting destination?

    Zimbabwe's hunting areas are still wild - as wild as they were 100 years ago. These large tracts of natural bush are home to some of the most untamed wild animals in Africa. The animal life is prolific with a wide range of trophies to be had.

    Where can you hunt in Zimbabwe?

    The hunting areas cover hundreds of thousands of acres that are not fenced and allow for free animal movement. Hunting is permitted in government, tribal and private hunt areas mostly in the northern and western areas of Zimbabwe.

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